Organize your EMTs the Easy Way


Stay in Compliance and Retain Membership: Track CEUs, EMT Certifications, Uniforms, Pagers & more.


Use EMS Workforce anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or phone.

Easy to Use

Access all EMT transcripts in one place. Assign courses or check recertification status.

Individual EMT Access

EMTs manage their own profiles, certifications, transcripts, and completed/planned courses.

Secure & Scalable

No software to maintain. Data is saved remotely. Automatic back ups. Secure and encrypted.

Essential Reporting

Save time. Access reports in minutes and stay on top of recertifications and State audit reports.

Affordable Pricing

Access to EMS Workforce is based on an annual fee. Contact us for more information.

Made for New Jersey

EMS Workforce was designed with New Jersey EMS organizations in mind.


Manage your EMT's transcripts & records wherever you are.

Get organized

A simple format dashboard gives you efficient access to all EMT records. Avoid frustration of flipping between screens, digging through files and chasing down members for their information. Get alerts before certifications expire. Take action earlier and improve your squad retention rates.

Organize your EMTs

Build individual EMT profiles

EMTs can add and expand upon the profiles created for them. Store everything in one place, accurately, securely and privately. Move away from a heavy reliance on keeping paper records.

Track EMS issued equipment

Losing track of company assets can cost you. Ensure you know exactly what equipment went to whom. When it's time to do an equipment audit, you'll be prepared!

Build profiles for each EMT

Help your team stay in compliance with educational training

Know each EMT's recertification status. Track recert deadlines and transcript coursework by individual EMT, or review the entire squad at-a-glance. EMTs enter completed course forms and attach pictures of certifications. Running totals of Core and Elective CEUs are displayed, as well as alerts to how many days remain until recertification is required. All current and past classes are retained as historical reference.

Help your EMS team stay in compliance with educational training

Create Reports in Minutes

Management can run reports across all EMT records to know who has completed coursework in specific areas, such as CPR or Haz Coms.

EMTs can review and run reports on their own data, including course selections for NJ State Audit Reports. EMS Workforce will flag duplicate courses and allow the removal of courses not accepted by the State of NJ.

Handle NJ State Audit Reports with ease

Handle State Audit Reports with ease

EMTs can quickly produce State Audit Reports. Course history, CEUs, expiration dates and certifications are compiled in one PDF making it simple for EMTs to print or email reports for submission.

EMTs can quickly produce State Audit Reports


EMS Workforce makes it easy to keep track of EMT transcripts, equipment, CEUs, planned courses and qualifications—all securely shared in one place.

Stay on top of EMT record keeping obligations

Simplify EMT record keeping. Avoid problems of lost documentation and surprise expired certifications. Track EMT longevity, roles, and titles. Improve retention. EMTs and their managers can easily enter, track and share information.

Make smarter decisions based on EMT activities

Know what CEUs and classes are required to recertify groups of EMTs. Reduce costs via better inventory management and maintenance checks on uniforms and equipment.

Quickly generate the NJ State Audit Report

Get instant access to EMT compliance reports. EMTs produce, in minutes, NJ State Audit Reports and can email the report and all supporting documentation in one PDF. Get alerts to upcoming recertification deadlines.

Only EMS Workforce allows you to track your EMTs in one place!

About Us

EMS Workforce is a product offered by Bright Software,, a New Jersey based software development firm with more than 20 years of experience in connecting data, services, and the people who need them.